Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Assalamualaikum w.b.t
This is my last week to online before furthering my studies in "somewhere".In this post,I would like to write about a character in the Tokusatsu Series,Kamen Rider Kiva.

A small introduction about Nago-Kun:

Keisuke Nago (名護 啓介 Nago Keisuke?, portrayed by Keisuke Kato) is a 22-year-old elite member of the Blue Sky Organization and former member of the 3WA (World Wide Wing Association), a loser at that time who left the organization due to his animosity towards it's top agent Takato Shiramine who never respected him. He is the current user of the Ixa System, working as a bounty hunter by capturing criminals and taking a button from them as a memento. He originally had an intense hatred towards Kiva due to what he heard of the previous one, intending to kill him until he learns of Kiva's true identity and sees him as an ally to mankind. He also has a belief in "humanity's full potential", which gives him the impression of a superiority complex to some people with the ideal that he's always right. He has a prejudice for certain people like Wataru, as he believes they are everything his ideology of "humanity's full potential" is against. Because of this ideology, he has a distaste for music, as he feels it is a waste of that potential. It was due to his intolerance for sinners that Nago played a part in the suicide of his father years ago, exposing him to the media for taking a bribe. However, though he has a sense of righteousness, Nago's perspective on it is warped in his desire to purge the world of evil, refusing to accept the world in grey and going berserk whenever he loses a fight or is denied his quarry. Over time, most of these personality traits would eventually wane, although his sense of justice has not changed. When Nago transforms to Ixa, he first says, "Fangire… The life you took, return it to God!" (ファンガイア…その命、神に返しなさい! Fangaia… Sono inochi, Kami ni kaeshinasai!?).

Basically,I don't really like this character,because he thinks that he's better than anyone else.He believed that he is perfect and got no weaknesses.And,last but not least,DIA POYO!Eventually,I would to share something that I like on him,he's good on words.

Nago-kun said,

"No matter how dark the night,the sun eventually rises."

"No matter how hard the ground,eventually a flower blooms."

"No matter how thick the clouds,beyond them the stars shine"

"No matter how unappetizing the food,eventually it becomes blood and flesh"


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