Friday, May 8, 2009


| Myself |

First name : 'Ammar
Name you wish you had : Everything's fine as long as it has a good meaning
What do people normally your name as : Amar.Mar.Am.Amru
Birthday : 12th August 1991
Birthhplace : HUSM Kubang Kerian
Time of birth : 2100
Single or taken : Single
Zodiac sign : Leo

| My Appearance |

How tall are you : 166 cm
Wish you were taller : The taller the merrier :P
Eye color : Dark Brown
Current hair color : Pure Black
Short or long hair : Short
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair : Nah.Kopiah's better for me
Glasses or contacts :
None of them
Paint your nail : Not interested
Shy or outgoing : Depending on the situation
Sexy or cute : ...
Serius or fun : As long as I behave myself
A turn on : ??
A turn off : ??

| This or That |

Flowers or chocolates : Toblerone Chocolates
Rap or rock : As long my eardrums won't blow up
Relationship or one night stand : Not interested

School or work : School Rocks!
Love or money :
Love from my family
Movie or music : Music
Country or city : Both
Sunny or rainy days : Both
Friends or family : Family first

| Have u ever I |

Lied : As a normal human,you never escape from doing it
Stole something : Maybe,wallahualam
Smoked : No and never.It's haram anyway.
Hurt someone close to you : Yup
Broke someone's heart : Wallahualam
Wonder what was wrong with you : Everytime when I am alone
Wish you were prince or princess : A normal person suits me best
Like someone who was taken : Hurm.Wallahualam
Shaved you head : Not yet.InsyaAllah I'll do it during Hajj
Used chopstick : Love it!Especially when having instant noodles.
Sang in the mirror to yourself : Yup.

| Favourites |

Flower : I love gardening,but flowers are not for me
Candy : Toblerone
Song : Currently liking "Ketulusan Hati" by Marshanda and "Supernova" by TETRA-FANG
Color : Brown,like the old MRSM khaki trousers
Movie : Looking into Syurga Cinta.
Singer : Seto Koji from TETRA-FANG (JPop),Inteam (Nasyeed)
Junk food : Mr.Potato Crisps Garlic and Cream
Website : MRSMPC0708
Location : Kelantan
Animal : Rabbit
Ever cried over someone : Wallahualam
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : My attitude and concentration in doing ibadah
Do you think you're attractive : Ask my companions
If you had to choose a fairy tale as your life what would you choose : Can I choose Kamen Rider instead?
Do you play any sports : I joined the rugby practice before,but did not been selected as one of college players.Currently,I enjoy using the treadmill a lot.

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