Thursday, April 9, 2009


Assalamualaikum,ohayo gozaimasu!

on this post,i would like to share with you guys about my visit to a well known comic publisher in malaysia,GEMPAKSTARZ during the "Kembara PSV 08" programme.

sape tak gila komik kan?aku percaya hampir semua orang baca komik,dalam suratkhabar ke,tak kisahlah.janji komik.

a little introduction to GEMPAKSTARZ (Art Square Group):

Art Square Group is involved in the publishing industry in Malaysia for nearly a decade and today, our publications have reached Singapore and Brunei as well.

Our company is dedicated to provide innovative reading materials to the young generation of Asia. We strive to create new directions in the comic and entertainment industry. Our greatest achievement was having our magazines accepted by comic lovers and readers as their source materials for the latest and freshest news on comics, lifestyle as well as entertainment.

To date, we have published 5 magazines – GEMPAK, UTOPIA, COMIC KING, HYPe! and STARZ. UTOPIA and GEMPAK are currently enjoying huge following and have become top sellers in the Malaysia market.

We are currently planning for more exciting and stimulating reads. Amongst our core interests are in the publishing of more games, entertainment and lifestyle magazines. Last but not least is our venture into more local and international copyrighted graphic novels. These are the steps we hope to take as part of our commitment to bringing high quality, sophisticated and exciting comics and magazines to our discerning readers.

the MOKs (Makhluk Orde Kosmos)

kuwe and fak getting ready for the trip.

GEMPAKSTARZ produced a large number of comic won't find these anywhere now.

the studio.quite small but still Gempak!

hard die fans of comic,shima and nad with the cartoonist clay (falcon wing,jangka atribut dll)

kaoru,one of malaysia's famous female cartoonist.produced lots of awesome artworks.

we proudly present you the cartoonist of lawak kampus,keith.

we're not brothers,though

anyone recognised the "bebulu" guy?haha.that's mesir,former writer of utopia.he's been busy with his band missing chapter lately.dio oghe kelate weh!

soghe lagi oghe kelate,pjoe.former graphic artist of's with missing chapter as the guitarist.abe afnan aiman (mrsmpc).

bearbricks.cute and expensive.

silly act

fakhrul anour (ayour) giving a career talk

nak sign!nak sign!lol

leaving the studio.InsyaAllah we'll pay a visit to you guys again someday.

biar gila komik setakat manapun,jangan leka sampai tak buat daily chores dan lupa kepada YANG MAHA ESA.wallahualam.

gambar nih langsung tak berkaitan,tapi menarik.inilah bro aku dauz yang sibuk siapkan stage bilik orkestra.letih weh buat goni..

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