Friday, July 24, 2009

::project 0708::

It's been a while since I posted in english.I better applicate it in my daily life sometimes for the benefit of my future,InsyaAllah,since I'm going to study in the field of medicine.Communicating with various languages can be fun and challenging.Tuan Guru Nik Abd Aziz himself,can communicate in 14 languages,if I'm not mistaken.But,the most difficult-to-learn and most beautiful language is Al-Lughatul Arabiyyah (Arabic Language),also referred as the "Language of Paradise".
InsyaAllah,I'll try to master this language so that I'll be more concentrate in my prayers and Quran recites.By the way,I'm also interested in Nippon-Go (Japanese Language),but that won't be necessary by now.(Just watch Japan dramas and animes with english subtitles,okay?)

Well,for the time being,I've been busy on my very own project,a video presentation as a tribute to my SRC advisors in MJSC PC.Recently,I finally got the hang of using Ulead VideoStudio v11 Plus,a kinda complicated video-editing software.Before that,I used a typical Movie Maker,which is simple but lack of certain features.Unfortunately,I'm not familiar of creating .swf overlay flash files,so I googled all over the web to search for this pre-made files.Alhamdulillah,I've found a couple of them and I'll be searching for more later.

For the clips of the presentation,I edited the pictures needed using Photoscape (thanks to Dizam,he's the one who introduced the software to me).Alhamdulillah,picture-editing became simpler with it rather than using Adobe Photoshop.For the sound clip,since I'm experienced enough in it,there's no problem until now Alhamdulillah.

Now,what's the progress of the clip?Until now,I finished the first part of it (there will be 4 parts).InsyaAllah,the clip will be done in the first week of August.

To all muslimin and muslimah,we're now in the month of Syaaban.That means it will be not too long until we will be fasting in Ramadhan.Ya Allah,I really missed my days of celebrating Ramadhan in MJSC.I hope that You give me guidance to survive in this temporary world,for my goodness in Akhirat which is permanent.InsyaAllah.May Allah bless all of us.

Allah Yubarik Fik.

Really.I missed my life in MJSC.This is a picture of me (blue shirt) and my fellow classmates during our Visual Arts Education,or PSV revision.

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