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Nak tanya,apa kaitan poligami dengan polymerization dan polymer?:P

Itulah soalan yang sering bermain di mindaku di maktab dulu.

Anyway,di sini ada artikel yang ingin dikongsi bersama,memang rasa wajib sebagai umat Islam untuk membacanya.

Assalamualaikum. If somebody had come up to you, and suddenly asked you this question: “Why did your Prophet marry multiple wives?”

Or, how about this one, “Why did the Prophet marry his wife, Aishah at such a young age?”

Sadly, on Youtube, and elsewhere on the internet, all over the world in fact, people are exploiting this to make fun of Islam.

How should we deal with this ignorant people? (they are also called ISLAMOPHOBES, from the word islamophobia)

Anyway, hopefully, the following article may help us come up with the right answers, InsyaAllah.

Here is the answer as given in a lecture by Amro Khalid about the Ummul Mukminin (the Mothers of the Believers @ the Prophet’s Wives)

-Let us first ask ourselves, how many wives did the Prophet have?

The answer is twelve. (two of them died in his life)

-Do you know their names? (sorry, excuse my spelling)

1. Khadijah bt Khuwaylid
2. Sawdah bt Zamaah
3. Aishah bt Abi Bakr
4. Hafsah bt Omar
5. Zaynab bt Khuzaymah
6. Ummu Salamah @ Hind bt Otbah
7. Zaynab bt Jahsh
8. Juwairiyah bt Alharith
9. Safiyah bt Huyay Ibn Akhtab
10. Ummu Habibah Ramlah bt Abi Sufyan
11. Mariya bt Shamoun, the Egyptian
12. Maymunah bt Alharith

-Did the Prophet’s (SAW) wives marry for the first time? (in other words, were they all virgins?)

Only ONE, Aishah, the rest were all either widowed or divorced.

-Were they all Arabs?

All, except Mariya, who was Egyptian.

-Were they all Muslims?

All, but two. Safiya was a Jew and Mariya was a Christian (The People of the Book @ Ahli Kitab)

-Now, let us answer the main and very important question: Was it lust @ sexual desire that led the Prophet (SAW) to marry multiple wives?

To answer that question, we have to mention the following facts:

1. the Prophet SAW married for the first time when he was 25.
2. the first woman he married, Khadijah, was 40, ALREADY MARRIED TWICE and had children of her own. He stayed married to her ALONE for 25 years until she died. He stayed SINGLE for two years in grief, mourning over her death.(The Prophet truly loved her. When his other wives asked him why he always mentioned Khadijah’s name, he replied, “At a time when others didn’t believe in me, she was the one who did”). He was then 52.
3. from 52 till 60, he married several times for social and political reasons, NOT due to lust. After two years of living single, he married Sawdah, an 80 year old woman, in order to honour her as she was the FIRST WIDOW IN ISLAM. Clearly, this wasn’t an act of a lustful man after a period of living single.
4. it is completely ILLOGICAL to say that lust had appeared suddenly in the Prophet’s (SAW) life at 52, especially when one considers the fierce physical and psychological struggle to spread Islam.

There are two CONCLUSIONS that we can extract from the above:
1. Muhammad the MAN married Khadijah.
2. Muhammad the PROPHET SAW married the rest of his wives.

Does that say something..? think about it ;)

-Was Prophet Muhammad SAW the only Prophet who practiced polygamy?

Of course not. Polygamy was the NORM at the times of Ibrahim, Dawud, and Sulayman, (Allah’s peace be upon them) all known in the Bible to have been polygamists.

Let us now mention the POLITICAL, SOCIAL, AND RELIGIOUS reasons the Prophet SAW had these marriages.
1. to spread the culture through eyewitnesses with all the details known only by intimate people. Aishah, who was so young at that time, was able to tell all those details to the Muslims for more than 42 years. She had seen and learnt so much from him. Her young age was a great advantage in this respect. She could tell what the Prophet SAW used to do or say in all aspects of life, so that people do and say the same in similar situations. Aishah was the most knowledgeable person when it comes to the daily life of the Muslim, (it is well known that even the Prophet’s SAW MALE companions sought Aishah’s knowledge/ opinions on various issues) how it should go, as it was lived by the Prophet SAW himself.
2. but how come he married her (Aishah) when she was only 9? The desert climate answers to that. In such environments, girls reach maturity very quickly. (anyway, we are talking about sth that happened more than 1400 years ago. Even today, in Indonesia for example, it is normal for 18 year old girls like us to have babies! So zaman dulu, tak heran la kawen 9 tahun sekalipun. The fact is, across the globe, in many cultures, puberty is the onset of marriage. My father used to tell me, a fren of his masa sekolah rendah dulu got married at 12. and when was that? The 1960s!! Tgk situasi la, of course..btw, I am not, in any way, encouraging childhood marriages in OUR society! ;p) Not only in Arabia, but also in Roma and in Persia, girls were married that young.
3. to strengthen the relationship with his companions, he married Abi Bakr’s daughter, and Umar’s sister. He also married his daughters to Uthman and Ali. May Allah be pleased with them all.
4. out of mercy, and to honour the early the earliest widows in Islam (husbands either martyred (syaheed), or were non-Muslims who divorced them). Sawdah, Habibah, and Ummu Salamah were widows.
5. the Prophet was being a role model for the Muslims by being kind to the widows and to the People of the Book (Ahli Kitab) who newly embraced Islam. He married Safiyah, after his father, a Jew, embraced Islam, so the Prophet SAW gave him and his daughter the honour among his people.
6. the Prophet SAW wanted to have ties and links with the different nations of the world. When he married Mariya, all Egyptians were on his side, and when he married Juwairiyah, all of her people embraced Islam (the Bani Almustalaq, captured by the Muslims in a battle).

I wish this makes you more assured, and hopefully able to take a stand up to allegations against the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

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