Sunday, March 22, 2009

::pc revisited::

when i think of PSV (pendidikan seni visual/visual arts education),suddenly i remembered the caricature i drew at grandma's three weeks ago.

here it is:

duh,i'm not really talented in caricature,just filling my pastime at grandma's

today,i visited my beloved MRSMPC for a meeting with some of my classmates.(fakhri,alwi,safwan,shide,amer,zura,esul and shima).it's been a while since i met those people (except fakhri,he's also a 'graduate' from kotaraya).when i reached the college's gate,someone i know was there as was azli omizi,one of my best pals.i shook hands with him and later came up with fakhri and alwi.

okay,kita pendekkan ceritera ini.

about 12 am,all of us stepped in our beloved PSV room.shockingly,the room was in really terrible state.what's with all the polisterine looming around the room?we were told by sir asrul,our PSV juniors was busy working on their landscape project for a landscape was totally a mess.we admit,during our studies in PC,we also messed up the room,but we always make sure that it will be cleaned constantly.

this is ameerullah (amer),our honored class president

let's spoil up their project,shall we?from left,amer,zura,shima and me

the black boy is fakhri.still single.anyone interested can apply online on his website.and get ready for an interview.haha.

we're just like kids playing toys at a nursery.huhu

i also took my oppoturnity to meet my english teacher,puan hasniah bt alias aka miss nini.the first words from her mouth was:

wow,relax teach.honestly,i told her that i was not really interested with the offer to study medicine in bangalore,india,and i'm aiming to pursue my studies in egypt.then,we talked about the essays that i wrote,and Alhamdulillah,she said that she'll compile the essays from 5O and 5H in a book.then,she'll sell the book and the profits will be donated to maahad tahfiz kind of you,teacher.she also congratulated me for getting A1 in english both in SPM grade and GCE-O really proved that with effort,doa and tawakkal,nothing's impossible.we talked about a couple of minutes and she asked me to meet her again when i get the offer to egypt,InsyaAllah.i'll keep my promise.

in the 'peaceful' jabatan bahasa,we also met up with our ibu,cikgu rohani.she was shocked to see us,hee~long time no see,cikgu.she,as well,congratulated us with our excellent results and wished us all the best in our lifes.thanks.

after zohor prayer,we headed on to KBmall for a bowling game.unfortunately,it was fully reserved and we had our lunch at the foodcourt instead.

huh.sungguh khusyuk dan tawaduk sekali mereka.amin.


that's the end of my story.thanks for reading.


  1. yep. that's miss nini alright. i can imagine hearing her 'soprano scold' while reading that line.
    caye kelas 4H (EST) 09/10. tahun ni miss nini ajar 4H, 5C dan 4O (RC PSV).
    she likes my essay but she hates me because i'm lazy.

  2. oh.don't be lazy lah.
    antar essay bebanyak lembut la hati dia.hehe.

  3. do you found my blog,anyway?