Tuesday, March 24, 2009

::essay maniac::

recently,while searching for something on my desk (totally messed up,haha) i found 2 piece of was an essay that i wrote for the mid semester exam last is it:

Bass And Girlfriend

The postman rang the doorbell and handed a piece of white envelope to Matt.The straight-haired boy thanked the postman and slowly opened the envelope.With his eagle eyes,he looked deeply at the content of the letter.Suddenly,he jumped joyously alone in the living room.

"Matt,you're interrupting my precious moments!What's got into you?" a tall,sleepy -looking person appeared down the staircase.At the same time,another man,wearing an apron came out from the kitchen,wondering what had happened.

"Dominic,Chris,we were shortlisted for The Battle of The Bands Finale!Isn't that wonderful?" said Matt to his brothers.The siblings then hugged each other,feeling overwhelmed with the news.

"What are we waiting for?Let's head to the Junk and Jam Studio and rock out!"shouted Dominic loudly.

In the middle of the day,they got on their old,blue Volkswagon to the jamming studio.The studio's owner,Ronald,was already expecting their coming.Scratching his curly,dreadlock hair,he unlocked the studio and welcomed the band in.They plugged in the cables into the amplifiers and prepared their instruments in the air-conditioned studio.With his bass guitar placed on his shoulder,Matt was ready to perform.He gave a thumb up signal to Dominic,the drummer who was flipping his drumstick.Immediately,Dominic beat the snare drum continously while Chris,wearing his favourite army cap began to dance his fingers across the frets of his electric guitar.Soon,the studio became totally havoc when Matt plucked his brand new Ibanez bass guitar.

About an hour later,the noisy studio turned quiet.The band finished their practice.

"Good job,you guys,"said Ronald."You all have the esprit de corps."

The night was windy.The moon was glowing brightly and the stars were twinkling in the sky.There was a cosy atmosphere at the Lazy Roosters Cafe.In the meantime,Matt,wearing a black attire parked his trusted black Yamaha Ego scooter in front of the cafe.Carrying a backpack on his back,he slowly entered the teenager's favourite hangout spot.He then walked to a table where a long-haired girl,wearing a Billabong hoodie was staring at him.

"You're late,Matt!" shouted the girl. "You always act like a slowpoke."

Pleasantly,Matt replied ,"Oh my dear Marsha,I'm very sorry.I brought you a present."

Matt took out some papers.The girl slowly grabbed the papers,looked at them and immediately threw them away.

"Sonnet for Marsha?What are these nonsense?Another stupid song for me again?Why don't you just forget it?" said Marsha,angrily and stepped out of the place.

Matt,feeling frustrated left the cafe.His tears began to fall from his eyes.Suddenly,a speeding car headed towards him and hit him.Blood and flesh scattered everywhere on the road.Matt,weakly closed his eyes.

Luckily,a police officer who was patrolling along the street noticed the accident and sent the unfortunate boy to the hospital.Matt was placed in the Intensive Care Unit because of his critical injuries.He was treated the whole night and fortunately,he survived.

"What should we do?The competition wild be held tomorrow night and we lost our bassist and vocalist!" said Dominic to Chris,sadly.

Chris,who was the eldest among the siblings,slowly voiced , "We must go on without him.Our efforts must not be wasted."

On the next day,the National Stadium was full with crowds for the competition.It was chaotic and noisy when the crowds banged their heads,enjoying themselves.

"Now,let's welcome the one and only,TETRA-FANG!!" cried the emcee as Dominic and Chris took their place on the stage.

The brothers started to perform without Matt.Abruptly,a girl's voice singing the band's song was heard,continued by the sound of bass guitar.It was Marsha!Matt,who was watching the event on the television was very suprised.Together,Marsha and the band performed the song that was composed by Matt.At the end of the day,the band was declared the winner.

"The truth is,I really love the song that you wrote for me.Thanks,dear," said Marsha,smiling at Matt who was still covered with some bandages.

"Where did you learn to play the bass guitar?I thought that you hate it very much?"Matt uttered.

"I learn from you.A bassist's girlfriend is also a bassist,you know." Marsha laughed.

ya..habis sudah ceritera ini.essay ni belum lagi boleh dikira sebagai essayku yang terbaik sebab banyak sangat dialog.dan,buat anak2 muda,janganlah dicontohi karekter2 dalam essay ini,sebab tak sesuai dengan kita sebagai umat Islam.cerita nih berlaku kat UK ye.haha

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