Tuesday, April 14, 2009


"Humans are greedy.They'll do anything as long as they can live longer" - Asou Haruto

"Why does this disease choose me?" - Ikeuchi Aya

Recently,I've been watching the J-Dorama,1 Litre of Tears (1 rittoru no namida)
The drama is an adaptation of the diary (memoir) of a Japanese girl named Aya Kitō (in the series,they replaced the name as Ikeuchi Aya) ,who suffered from spinocerebellar atrophy. She began keeping a diary at the suggestion of her doctor, and continued to write until she could no longer hold a pen. The diary, titled 1 rittoru no namida, was published shortly before her death. Although some of the characters and situations are fictionalized in this television version, the dialogue frequently draws directly from Aya Kitô's own words. Moreover, each episode concludes with a narrated diary excerpt, framed with photographs from various stages in Kitô's life, before and after her diagnosis. The screenplay thus attempts to balance between faithfully working with actual text from the book, 1 rittoru no namida, while also inventing situational contexts so as to portray the struggles of the book's characters in dramatic scenarios. The character Haruto Asôu, for example, does not exist in the original diary; however, as a fictional character created for this series, he provides an important mechanism through which Aya's inner feelings, the diary's language on a page, can become more fully actualized as part of a day-to-day narrative.

DVD Art Cover of 1 Litre of Tears (11 Episodes)

How do you feel,when suddenly you've been told by a doctor,that you are suffering from an incurable disease,at this young age?It must be painful,right?You'll know that you will leave this world soon.And sometimes,you'll feel that God is unfair,for letting the disease to choose you as the patient.Well,as a Muslim,we got to remember that this is a fate that have been decided.Allah knows what's best for His servants.There's a reason in every incident that happened.

"It was made obligatory upon you, to fight in the path of God and though it is disliked by you, and it may happen that any thing may be disliked by you and that may be in your favour, and it may happen that anything may be liked by you and that may not be in your favour, and Allah knows and you do not know." - Surah AlBaqarah,verse 216

We ask Allah for many things, Everything isn’t going to benefit us,hence Allah grants us things only which can/will be beneficial for us. But when a certain prayer of us isn’t answered, a certain wish isn’t granted, we get disheartened & think that Allah is angry with us for which this wish/prayer isn’t granted/accepted. That’s the wrong way to take, We should believe in Allah and move ahead thinking that Allah has planned something much better than what we asked ,which will someday glow its charm.We cannot understand Allah’s planning, humans are not blessed with the capacity to understand it.


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