Monday, April 6, 2009

::genki desu ka?kaifa haluka?::


*in the mood of 'Hana-Kimi' and 'Medicine in Egypt*

it's already the quarter of year 2009.

yet,i could'nt feel the 'blazing heat' as in 2008.

i spend most of the time at my 'Baiti Jannati' with my dusty acer notebook.

"bila nak masuk universiti?pergi mesir ke?jadi pelukis ke doktor?"Pinktaros asked me.

FYI : Pinktaros is what I recently nicknamed my little sister,she's addicted to pink coloured stuffs. mouth answered that quite number of times you know.why don't you get it?

hurm.i can't wait to enter campus brain's gonna rust if i keep doing nothing.

in the moment,i'm addicted to J-Dorama (Japanese drama)

Hana Yori Dango (only watched the movie,though),1 Litre of Tears (not finished yet),and my favourite,Hanazakari no Kimitachi'e (Hana Kimi for short)

J-Doramas are awesome in all aspects,unlike Malay's (SPA Q totally sucks,memalukan orang Melayu dan agama Islam)

their storyline,casts and soundtracks totally rocked out.

a little introduction to Hana Kimi:

Ohsaka Gakuen,famously known as Ikemen Paradaisu (Hottie Paradise),is a boarding school only for good-looking boys (good-looking is more important than examination results,eh?) .all the students stay in a dormitory that is divided into three,situated only a distance from their school.the story begins when a transfer student from America,named Ashiya Mizuki entered the school,in search for a former high jump athlete named Sano Izumi to make him jump again .the fact about Mizuki is,'he' is actually a woman. Can she survive without unveilling her true identity?just watch,i'm not gonna spoil what will you see in this comedy drama.and,expect the unexpected,haha.

this is my favourite character from the drama,Taiki Kayashima

he's a superstitcious guy,born with a power to detect 'aura' around him

"i sensed an evil aura,"that's what he always said,with his hands just like in the picture above.

a shonen omyouji (shaman boy),i would say.


guess i'll end my post here.


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